How Long Does it Take?

Learning to Juggle 3 balls (or in Juggling Language learning the 3 Ball Cascade) is not very difficult. It took me about 15 days. Some time later I met a person who said he had learnt it in 15 minutes ... naturally I thought he was pulling my leg. Since then more than 15 people have learnt it from me before the end of the first session (of 1 hour)

However if I take an average of all the students I have taught I would say that the average is between 3-6 sessions depending on 2 factors...

1 Natural Ability

2. Regularity of practice - Those who practice even 10 minutes everyday learn it much faster than those who practice just once or twice a week.

Of course it takes more time after you have learnt it (the cascade) to make it consistent enough to show off or to start doing other fun stuff.