Why Juggle

Benefits of Juggling as a Sport

  1. Great Workout
  2. Improves Motor Skills
  3. Improves Reflexes
  4. Improves Discipline.

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Benefits of Playing Sports

Benefits of Juggling as a Performing Art

  1. Improves self worth
  2. Improves self confidence.
  3. Earns appreciation of peers.
  4. Improves flexibility, fitness, and grace of movements…

Benefits as a Hobby

  1. Only art where you can make out easily if you make a mistake.
  2. Extremely relaxing.
  3. Every time you learn a new trick or reach another milestone it gives a tremendous high.
  4. Makes boredom a thing of the past.

Hidden Benefits

  1. Neuron Activity
    (On 12th Oct, 2009 the Times of India had an article - "Learning to Juggle alters brain." A more detailed BBC version of the article is here and the original article for the scientifically inclined is here)
  2. Teaches one the art of doing the seemingly impossible.