Our Fundas

It's quite simple really.

We believe people should learn not because they have to, but because they love to. The process of picking up a new art or skill should be as rewarding as the final knowledge. And not everything we learn has to better our career or future prospects. Some things are fun to learn for... well, fun!

These are the basic premises on which Fun'damentals is built- the Fun School-where one can learn simple to esoteric things - all in different ways which are interactive,

invigorating and immensely joyful.

From infusing imagination into our courses to harnessing the power of technology, each of our offerings has been carefully planned and prepared to ensure the student leaves every class not just wiser, but happier.

  • We believe that all learning should be fun
  • We think there is no age, stage or reason in life where learning can stop
  • We believe teachers should be more open to learning than students
  • We find value in age-old traditions as much as new-age thinking
  • We love harnessing the power of the latest technologies to enhance teaching efficacy
  • We hope to have students who push teachers to learn, not the other way round
  • We believe that all our other beliefs should make us happy, healthy and wise (and more importantly, rich) but we have so much to learn…



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