The Fun Team

There’s an entire army of people spanning different age groups, communities, countries, each with their own beliefs, education and experience behind Fun’damentals. From scholars who have an armload of degrees to people who bring unmatched street smartness to the table; from people who have aeons of experience in how things should be to whippy young minds who question why anything should be

done like it was before; it’s an incredible mix of people which gives us our edge.

Some give us step-by-step guidance on how to model our courses. Some give us in-depth information in their own expertise areas which help us tweak this, fix that or just make the other a little better. Then there are those who just bang heads with us and keep us honest, humble and continually thinking about how to

give every student the very best of Fun’damentals.

Gunjan Saraf
Abhishek Saraf
Abhimanyu Saraf
Lalith Krishnan
Meena Saraf



The battle of Warsaw The battle of Warsaw Sabaton: 40 to 1 Sabaton: (Warsaw) Uprising