The Fun Team

Gunjan Saraf

He’s the quintessential teacher… someone who can inspire, excite, nurture. A student of Shri Aurobindo Ashram, Gunjan has deeply inculcated views from his time there about how it’s almost criminal to try to teach a child by rote when you can get him excited enough to want to understand.

From sales to advertising, from online marketing to running a successful transport company; Gunjan has made his mark in almost every business he involved himself in before choosing to take the road less travelled.

It was then that his vast array of interests brought out the immense talent on display today. He is now at performance levels in a host of different activities like juggling, hula hoops, poi and theatre while being a step away in others like slack rope walking.

This immense pool of talent coupled with infinite patience, a natural sense of humour and an ever present “let’s have fun” attitude are his hallmark characteristics which have made him such a favourite amongst students. Schools like Bethany High have seen him train children in a multitude of different domains like oratory, literary activities, theatre and juggling.

The inspiration behind Fun’damentals, the number of roles he has to play here are so numerous that let’s just call him the ‘one-man-army’.



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