Smooth Talkers

Sub -Junior Basic: 6 – 10 years
Junior Basic: 10 - 14 years
Please call for schedule of current and upcoming classes
Instructor: Gunjan

Here’s three simple reasons to get your child into our Oratory course:

  • It ensures they never develop ‘stage-fright’
  • It helps them not just express themselves but express themselves powerfully
  • It’s great fun and learning bundled into one

The Smooth Talkers programme has been honed over the years. We’ve tried and tested hundreds of different ideas, checked their efficacy with children and selected only the very finest ones to build one incredible course.

From fun communication games to material which enthral children, from a dash of theatrics to the use of AVs to show children a glimpse of the most powerful speakers in the world, this course has enough diversity to keep the attention of children glued in from beginning to end.

The constant ‘show-off’ sessions we integrate into the course also ensures that our students preach whatever they practice.

There are tons of other benefits associated with learning oratory as a child. Check out what more powerful speakers have to say about them by clicking the links below:



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